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Trump says Kellyanne 'must have done some bad things' to George Conway

Trump says Kellyanne 'must have done some bad things' to George ConwayKellyanne Conway, special counselor to President Trump, is known to berate journalists who speculate about her marriage to George Conway, a prominent Trump critic. In an interview with ?Fox & Friends? on Friday, the president did just that.

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Iran vows to punish 'mercenaries' behind street violence

Iran vows to punish 'mercenaries' behind street violenceIran will severely punish "mercenaries" arrested over a wave of street violence that erupted after a sharp hike in fuel prices, a Revolutionary Guards commander warned Sunday. The Islamic republic says it has restored calm after the unrest that broke out on November 15, hours after the surprise announcement that petrol prices would go up by as much as 200 percent. Citing law enforcement officials, Fars news agency said Sunday that 180 ringleaders had been arrested over the protests that saw highways blocked, banks and police stations set alight and shops looted.

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Ex-Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky appears in court; resentenced to 30 to 60 years

Ex-Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky appears in court; resentenced to 30 to 60 yearsJerry Sandusky, 75, is serving a 30 to 60 year sentence for sexual abuse of 10 boys through a youth charity.

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Why Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 Plan Might Fail

Why Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 Plan Might FailInvestors are nervous.

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