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Booker and Harris warn Dems: Electability doesn't just mean appealing to white voters

Booker and Harris warn Dems: Electability doesn't just mean appealing to white votersElectability is the biggest buzzword of the 2020 cycle. It?s what Democrats say they prize above all else: a nominee who can defeat Donald Trump. But it's also a code word. It tends to mask a racialized assumption about which Americans a candidate needs to win over in order to qualify as ?electable?: that is, white voters who don?t live in big coastal cities.

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Lawsuit alleges McDonald?s puts employees in physical danger

Lawsuit alleges McDonald?s puts employees in physical dangerA group of employees from 13 McDonald?s restaurants in Chicago filed a lawsuit Thursday alleging that the company?s drive for profits puts workers at ?daily risk? of physical attack by dangerous customers. In the lawsuit filed in Cook County court, the 17 workers say McDonald?s has failed to protect them from what they say is a ?citywide and nationwide? pattern of violence and that police respond to more than 20 911 calls every day regarding Chicago McDonald?s restaurants.

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US judge orders Iran pay $180 mn to reporter over detention

US judge orders Iran pay $180 mn to reporter over detentionA US court on Friday ordered the government of Iran to pay nearly $180 million in damages to an Iranian-American journalist who was jailed by Tehran on espionage charges in 2014. A US District Court judge ordered the damages be paid to Jason Rezaian and his family in compensation for pain and suffering as well as economic loss for the 18-month detention, when he was physically abused, deprived of sleep and medical care and threatened with execution. Iran did not answer the lawsuit, according to Rezaian's employer The Washington Post, and the Islamic republic is not expected to pay the damages.

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Alabama cop who chased, beat and shot black man after stop-and-frisk guilty of manslaughter

Alabama cop who chased, beat and shot black man after stop-and-frisk guilty of manslaughterProsecutors argued Aaron C. Smith escalated a consensual stop to deadly force, killing Greg Gunn feet away from the home he lived in with his mother.

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