Wednesday August 05, 2020

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Spot the Robotic Dog, being developed for construction jobs...

A robot dog could soon perform tasks such as surveying on construction sites after technology company Boston Dynamics perfects its automated Spot robot.

Boston Dynamics announced that the robot will be hitting the market soon. The company has announced that it working with several others to allow its Spot robot ‘dog’ to perform and Trimble and Hilti are also reported to have planned integration of their construction management software solutions, Things like patrolling job sites, sure. But Spot is so different than robots that have come before it that company execs are in part relying on customers to demonstrate how the machine might actually be useful. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology and reality capture devices with the Spot platform.

As an example of how Spot can help, the mining industry now employs self-driving subterranean vehicles. But if something goes awry, like a sensor malfunctions or a truck gets hung up on a rock, the operation has to shut down so a human worker can safely troubleshoot the problem. But with Spot, early adopters found, the human operator can stay at a safe distance, seeing through Spot’s eyes. It’s the old robotics mantra dirty, dangerous, and dull in action: Advanced robots like Spot can tackle jobs humans can’t.

At the same time, Spot is a flexible platform, so early adopters can tailor the robot to fit their needs—think of it more like Android than iOS. That’s where the newly downloadable SDK comes in, allowing operators to program new behaviors. For example, if Spot is working a construction site, a project manager might want it to recognize and photograph certain objects. The SDK allows them to connect Spot’s cameras to computer vision models running either onboard the robot or in the cloud. Once they set Spot’s path by joysticking it around so it can remember the route, then they can let Spot autonomously roam the site, doing the work of a human who’d have to wander around doing the same.

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