Wednesday September 23, 2020

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All Electric Endurance Pickup...

Electric truck startup Lordstown Motors Corp (LMC), a company that's targeting the commercial truck market with its fully-electric vehicles.

Lordstown is setting up a 20,000-square-foot production line. Production is scheduled to start within the next 6 months for beta testing and pre-production vehicles.

In-wheel motors sit in a way that looks a bit like an old fashioned drum brake. Motors to be easily bolted to an existing suspension system.

Moving motors out to the wheels hubs potentially allows for extra space within a vehicle's footprint, but also adds unsprung mass, which can make tuning for ride and handling difficult. It also exposes motors to potential damage from potholes and curbs.

The Endurance pickup truck is expected to be unveiled this summer, with the first deliveries in January 2021. The Endurance is an all-electric continuation of the Workhorse W-15 extended-range electric truck.

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