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Monday September 20, 2021

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Roosevelt Island New York, Proposed Skyscraper...

Purposed super tall skyscraper 2,400 foot tall, planned for Roosevelt Island New York, in the East River isle off Manhattan.

Th building proposal has ‘air-scrubbing’ feature. A behemoth air-scrubbing high-rise that looks straight out of a sci-fi flick has been designed for the middle of Roosevelt Island.
The tree-studded, 2,400-foot-tall, futuristic proposal is planned to loosely resemble a mandrake plant — with a base like a cruise ship morphing into a gleaming twisty tower a la surrealist

The residential proposal, by French architecture firm Rescubika, was posted on the Web site designboom last week as part of a “city of tomorrow’’ feature.
The pie-in-the-sky design is all about going green, with its architects telling The Post in a statement Monday, “This project is able to absorb a large amount of carbon and is therefore less polluting for the ecosystem.”

Calling the proposal “the world’s largest carbon-sink tower,’’ the firm says the development — featuring 1,600 trees, 80,000-plus feet of plant walls and 8,300 shrubs —would “absorb carbon circulating in the biosphere.

“This carbon is then trapped in living matter and subsequently more or less sustainably sequestered in organic matter,” it said.
The specially designed eco-site also would reduce carbon emissions through a network of buried pipes to capture and circulate hot and cold air from the development as needed, as well as by having residents work in a home office in every apartment instead of using transit.

There would be 160 floors to the structure — which would be at least partly fueled by energy from 36 wind turbines and nearly 3,000 feet of solar panels.

The Mediterranean mandrake plant was chosen as inspiration for the proposal because “like [it], the project is an evocation of the human figure, of a bodily movement that is synonymous with life,’’ Rescubika said.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, which was created by New York state in 1984 to oversee the planning, development and operation of the unique isle, did not respond to a request for comment from The Post on Monday.

The island is owned by the city but leased to the state.

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