Wednesday December 13, 2017

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Aston Martin Unveiled a $4 Million Submarine...

The British car company plans to begin revving its engines under water.

The three-person submersible can dive to 1,650 feet and hit speeds of 3.5 miles per hour.Source: Aston Martin
Itís the only time youíll want to put your Aston Martin under water.

The British automaker unveiled its first submersible design Thursday at the Monaco Yacht Show. Dubbed Project Neptune, itís a three-person vehicle with silver, blade-like pontoons and an acrylic bubble of a cabin for maximizing underwater views.

Aston Martin expects the sub will be available in about a year and will be priced around $4 million, the companyís chief creative officer Marek Reichman told Bloomberg. For comparison, a V8-powered DB11 will run you nearly $200,000.

Reichman said the company plans to build no more than a dozen of the submersibles per year. ďIf you think about Aston Martin, we are a very exclusive brand,Ē he said. ďIn 100 years, weíve only made 80,000 cars.Ē

Neptune is a collaboration between Aston Martin Consulting, the companyís design consulting arm, and Florida-based Triton Submarines, which has been making luxury submersibles for a little more than a decade.

The model is based on Tritonís Low Profile (LP) platform, specifically designed for superyachts. At just 5.9 feet tall and 8,800 pounds, itís the lightest and smallest three-person sub in production in the world, according to the company. Itís capable of diving to 1,650 feet, has a speed of 3 knots, or 3.5 miles per hour. It is also air-conditioned.

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