Wednesday December 13, 2017

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NASA IXS Clark - EMDrive powered solar system explorer ship...

Named is Clarke. Sir Arthur C. Clarke.. 22 Days to Mars, 61 Days to Jupiter and 86 Days to Saturn...

Based on Dr. Whites other data, IXS Clark data is:

1) 90t or 90,000kgs

2) 2MWe nuclear generator in the aft section of the ship. That is a max electricity availability of 2MWh of electricity every hour or 2,000kWh per hour.

3) 20 EMDrive propellantless force generators rated at 4N of force generation per kW of applied microwave power. (4N/kW) Each of the 20 EMDrives (100kW energy usage each) will probably be driven by its own dual redundant 2 x 100kW microwave Rf generators.

4) Total force generation of 8,000N being 2,000 kW of power at 4N per kW. 2,000kW * 4N/kW = 8,000 Newtons of force to drive the 90t ship. 8,000N is approx 816kg of force.

5) Continual acceleration will then be A = F/M or 0.088m/s^2 = 8,000N/90,000kgs

6) The IXS Clark's 90t breaks down as follows: 50t cargo, 20t EMDrives and support systems (microwave generators, cooling, etc), 20t nuclear generator.

Which means that as long as the nuclear generator on the IXS Clark can generate 2,000kW of electricity, the ship will continue to accelerate at 9.1milli-g

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