Tuesday January 23, 2018

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Deep, buried glaciers spotted on Mars...
Aria supercar will have 1,150 horsepower...
Human race has 'peaked' already?
Robots could soon replace third of American workforce...
Moon Express says first launch is 'definitely' happening in 2018
New StartUp will give you blood transfusions from young people, reverse aging process...
Rocket Travel On Earth, Fly Anywhere In Under Hour...
Aston Martin Unveiled a $4 Million Submarine...
NASA & Russia plan to build SPACE STATION orbiting the MOON...
North Korea state news references ‘EMP’ — a weapons tactic with potential to shut down U.S. electrical grid...
North Korea warns could test nuke over Pacific... EMP coming?
UK Supermarket offers 'finger vein' payment in worldwide first...
ALERT: Equifax Reports Data Breach, 143 million people...
Weather Creation 101...
Artificial intelligence system can tell if you're gay or straight...
How Bad Could 'IRMA' Be for Miami?
Mankind at 'tipping point' as automation and AI begins to replace humans...
Houston, Zika & West Nile Infections Up!, 100,000+ homes damaged or destroyed...
NASA IXS Clark - EMDrive powered solar system explorer ship...
Artificial Intelligence Will Lead To Digital Humans Hollywood's Stars...
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Around The World
Mnuchin says 'no doubt' Congress will pass tax reform bill this week
Suit in New York asks, is graffiti art protected by law? Graffiti 'writers' seek damages for destroyed works
Trump lawyer claims Mueller illegally acquired transition emails
Dognapped: Iraq War vet's service dog is stolen in New Hampshire, report says
Thales Bids for Gemalto Days After Hostile Atos Offer Rejected
Senator Bob Corker Said He Hasn’t Read The Tax Bill, Denies Changing His Vote In Exchange For Personal Tax Breaks
New space station crew members are en route after Sunday blastoff
A Republican Running To Replace Paul Ryan Comes With White Nationalist Street Cred
Government paying private firm $297 million to help hire 5,000 Border Patrol agents
Tencent to Buy Stake in Supermarket Chain in Rare Retail Foray
Record sexual harassment settlement exposes byzantine congressional process
How white nationalists tapped into decades of pent-up racism to spark a movement
Ballroom dancer killed by roommate in NYC apartment in 1945, body parts scattered in city’s waters
5 injured after ski lift malfunctions at Pennsylvania resort
As protests swirl, Oscars have feel of high-stakes showdown
Wildlife secrets revealed with advanced tracking devices
Fed Dots Don't Connect for Bond Traders Scorning Rate-Hike Path
Gabbard quits DNC to back Sanders, after criticizing small debate schedule
Backes, Brodziak lead Blues past Hurricanes, 5-2
Communities strive to be 'dementia-friendly' as Alzheimer's numbers grow
Massive earthquake off coast of Alaska triggers tsunami warnings
Volcanic eruption kills 1, injures 17 near ski resort
Why extra-virgin olive oil may not be as fresh as you think
New reported chemical weapons attack in Syria as US calls out Russia
The Latest: IMF's Lagarde faults Modi speech in Davos
Philippine volcano explodes, villagers flee back to shelters
UN troops returning to only base in rebel-held South Sudan
North Korean delegation is met with protests in Seoul ahead of Winter Olympics
Violent explosion at the Philippines' most active volcano
Egypt's military arrests presidential hopeful, ex-general
Trump to face mixed welcome at elite Davos gathering
WATCH: Volcanic eruption kills 1, injures 17 near Japanese ski resort
WATCH: Anti-Trump protesters in Haiti temporarily close US Embassy
WATCH: Dramatic video captures eruption of Philippines volcano
WATCH: Protests meet N. Korean delegation in Seoul ahead of Winter Olympics
WATCH: Apple's Tim Cook and Malala team up
WATCH: 18 people were killed in a deadly attack at a Kabul intercontinental hotel
WATCH: Gunmen storm luxury hotel in Kabul
WATCH: Strong crosswinds cause scary landings in Germany
WATCH: Shirtless Vladimir Putin takes dip in icy Russian lake for the Epiphany
Snow and Ice Send Cars Sliding in Northern New England
The Latest: 90th Annual Oscar Nominations Are Announced
The Latest: 90th Annual Oscar Nominations Are Announced
Wolf Backs Court's Decision to Strike Down Congressional Map
Interstate 29 Reopens in Southeastern South Dakota
The Latest: 90th Annual Oscar Nominations Are Announced
Danish Submarine-Owner Charged With Abusing Journalist Before Killing Her
Police: New Jersey Man Used Phone Scheme to Steal Thousands
Trump Overstates Missing Tweets Involving FBI Agent
Kimberly-Clark Plans to Cut 5,000 to 5,500 Jobs
Ohio School Board Member Resigns After Apparent Overdose
The Latest: 90th Annual Oscar Nominations Are Announced
California Officials Lifting Some Mudslide Evacuations
Johnson & Johnson Loses $10.7B After Sweeping US Tax Changes
Man Pleads Not Guilty to Arson at North Dakota Parole Office
Shiffrin Has Rare Fall as Rebensburg Wins Giant Slalom
Indiana Senate Panel to Take up Hate Crimes Legislation
Woman Gets 2 Days in Jail for Killing Dogs on Her Property
Pence Visits Western Wall Amid Tensions With Palestinians
Russia Says Ahn Among Top Athletes Barred From Olympics
Drought-Stricken Cape Town Braces For Water To Run Out In April
Rights Abuses Still 'Widespread' In Thailand's Fishing Industry, Report Says
U.S. Promises To Help Rebuild Syrian City Of Raqqa
Several Injured After Volcanic Eruption At Japanese Ski Resort
Death Toll for German Serial Killer Nurse Goes Up, Another 97 Victims Suspected
Pence Draws Applause, Some Heckles, For U.S. Embassy Move To Jerusalem
Gus Kenworthy Will Be The Second Openly Gay Man To Compete For U.S. In Winter Games
VP Pence Says U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem Will Open By End Of 2019
Bangladesh Postpones Controversial Plan To Send Rohingya Refugees Back Home
What The U.S. Presence Is Doing In Raqqa Despite Wishes Of Syrian Government
Turkey Has Attacked A Syrian City Controlled By Kurdish Forces
WATCH: Starlings Perform Acrobatic Life-Or-Death Dance With A Hungry Falcon
Pope Francis Apologizes To Sexual Abuse Victims, But Still Backs Bishop
Unsettled By Russia, Sweden Revives Pamphlets On What To Do 'If War Comes'
In South Korea, A Backlash Against Olympics Cooperation With The North
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